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Bespoke Frocks
Elisabeth Mary Smith
About Nap

If you look up "nap" in a dictionary it usually first refers to the word in the content of sleeping, but in dress-making terms, it is a horizontal, vertical or even cross-ways print that is immediately visible to the eye.

This means that, in most cases, when a frock is cut out, we have to make sure that when assembled, nothing appears to be upside down, or flowing in the wrong direction. (Aside: although striped prints can be put to good effect by deliberately juxstaposing a horizontally-striped bodice against a vertically-striped skirt. )

But for many obvious "directional" naps, it is going to look very odd if the roses in in the frock side-panels are growing upside down! This does sometimes mean that we cannot use a certain print for all combinations of style and size as we always fit it to the available surface area.

So when you place an order, we will first send a notification that your order has been received and will then place the pattern pieces we need to fulfill your order with the print you have chosen and if they fit, you'll get final confirmation of your order. Otherwise we may be able to order more of certain prints, or offer you an alternative.

About Nap
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