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Bespoke Frocks
Elisabeth Mary Smith

Here you can see the selection of cottons and silks that we offer.

It's Lis's passion to seek out only the special ones that you see in this collection. Many can no longer be obtained after they have been made up into just one frock, so make sure you are the first to pick them!

Please be aware that:

  1. The actual colours shown here may vary depending on your screen rendition. If you wish to be extra sure then drop by if you are in the area. Or contact orders@elisabeth-mary-smith.com to request a swatch and we will post one to you for no extra charge.
  2. The nap of the fabric can affect which design and size can be provided. (Tell me why.)


Afternoon Tea
Amoeba Frenzy
Autumn Daisies
Bird n Butterfly
Black Blooming Tulips
Blue Floral
Blue Hydrangeas
Blue Small Flowers
Byzantine Blue
Cameo Rose Blue
Cars Pink
Cars Yellow
Cats Aplenty
Cherry Black
Dark Blue Floral
Emmas Flowers Pansy
Emmas Flowers Tulips
Fancy Hill Farm
Feathers In Bloom
Fields Of Colour
Fifis Frolic
Fish n Dolphins
Flower Sketch
Flying Teapots
Geisha Collectibles
Grandmas Tea Service
Green Floral
Hawaiian Party *
Lacy Trip
Las Senoritas
Lush Floral *
Marry Gecko
May Flowers
Mega Blooms
Metro Market
Navy Cup Cake Gingham
Paisley Lawn
Pale Tiny Flowers
Pink Floral
Poppies Blue
Poppies Cerise
Poppies Red
Red Floral
Red Fruit
Russian Dolls Dark Blue
Russian Dolls Turquoise
Pampered Girls
Peacock Fans Teal
Pink Blooms
Regent Park Ruby
Fish n Dolphins
Sailing Ships
Surrey Footpaths
Tiger Lily
Turquoise Flamingos
Water Melons
We Are Siamese
Yellow Floral
Zillions Of Flowers

* Cotton with some Spandex mixed for extra weight and comfort.


Blue-Green Tartan
Bright Blue Tartan
Green Tartan
Green-Blue Tartan
Multi-Colour Tartan
Red-Green Tartan
Striped Tartan
Fuschia Dream
About Nap
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