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Bespoke Frocks
Elisabeth Mary Smith
  1. How long will it take for me to get my dress?
    This will take up to five days to create, thoroughly quality check and pack to our high standards, plus the time for us to ship to you from Switzerland - see delivery for more information.
  2. Can I return a dress or cancel an order if I change my mind?
    Yes this is usually possible, see our Returns policy.
  3. Can I specify modifications to a dress?
    To ensure the high quality that we insist on, we do need a degree of standardization, so modifications are not offered as a service. However if there is something you must have then let us know and we'll see if we can oblige. There is also the possibility of a one-off commission - see below.
  4. Do you do one-off commissions?
    Yes, please contact orders@elisabeth-mary-smith.com to let us know what you want and we will send you an offer of a price and a timeline.
  5. How can I be sure my dress is unique?
    Each dress is made with unique features such as its lining and/or embroidery combinations and is identified by the day it was made since no two dresses are made on the same day.
  6. How will I be sure I have ordered the right size?
    Please use the Size Chart before ordering.
  7. Do you offer an after-sales service?
    Let us know your needs and we'd be happy to help. Please contact orders@elisabeth-mary-smith.com
  8. How can I filter frocks by their features in the shop?
    In the shop place your mouse cursor on 'Frocks' below the header and click it without selecting either of the Cottons or Silks that drop down below. The Product Filters box will then be displayed. Here you check the boxes for necklines or sleeves and see only those that you have filtered.

Any other questions? Ask help@elisabeth-mary-smith.com.

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